About L.A.T.S.

Stephanie Lowther

Owner & CEO


Doctor of Athletic Training (Student)

Meet Stephanie Lowther

Stephanie is a Certified Athletic Therapist and Sports First Responder.

Stephanie completed a Bachelor of General Arts with double concentrations in Health Science and French as a Second Language at the University of Ottawa. Following this degree, she completed her Athletic Therapy degree (Honours Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences) at Sheridan College in Brampton, Ontario. Moving back to Ottawa, Stephanie continued her post-secondary education by completing a Masters of Science in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa, successfully defended her thesis on head impact frequency and impact magnitude in the National Hockey League affected by rule changes. Stephanie is currently a Doctor of Athletic Training student at Florida International University in Miami, Florida.

She has been providing athletic therapy and sports emergency management services to Ottawa, the Ottawa Valley, and surrounding areas for several years.

Stephanie is excited to now offer athletic therapy clinical services to Renfrew and Renfrew County!

Lowther Athletic Therapy Solutions (L.A.T.S.) offers clinical appointments (assessments, treatments, tape application, brace/ambulation device fittings) from a home-clinic.

In your appointments with Stephanie, she will utilize a Sports Medicine Model using active reconditioning and rehabilitation for quicker recovery and future prevention. Techniques she will incorporate into each appointment include manual deep-tissue therapy, cupping therapy, hot/cold/electrical modalities, joint mobilizations, stretching therapy, and more. A personalized home exercise program will be built in each assessment to get you back to doing what you love by taking an active approach!

L.A.T.S.’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to be dedicated advocates for the community’s health, providing compassionate athletic therapy and active rehabilitation services, empowering and reconditioning individuals to achieve their fullest potential, and fostering lasting positive change through personalized care and a culture of wellness.